Raymond C. Cooper

is the founder and President of Marketing Specialists International (MSI) Ltd., and Executive Vice President and Director of Strategic Marketing for the National Academy of Integrative Learning, Inc.

He is recognized as a leading authority in his field, having successfully planned and executed the development and marketing of consumer products and services for over thirty years. This industry wide success is due to his ability to identify, develop and market intellectual property clients and their products and services.

Mr. Cooper’s passion is using his experience in consulting, education, fundraising, marketing and media to assist individuals and organizations in protecting sustainable life on the planet. And as such, working through MSI Ltd., he serves as a marketing strategist for authors, speakers, teachers and seminar leaders who create intellectual products that help improve the lives of millions of people around the globe.

His expertise lies in assisting clients in creating the resources required to achieve authority, position, recognition, and overall success in their field of intellectual competence. Mr. Cooper negotiated four client contracts with Nightingale Conant, the number one marketer of education/self-improvement audio/video cassette programs to Fortune 500 Companies.

He consultants to TV/Cable infomercial companies and direct response marketers working in direct mail, television, print and media, and has extensive contacts and contracts in publishing, direct response marketing (audio/video/print), infomercials, commercial TV/radio, NPR/PBS, media interviews (television/radio/print) and syndicated columns.

Mr. Cooper’s competence is in creating core proposals that highlight his client’s strengths and marketing position, enabling them to secure lucrative contracts. To date, all his intellectual property clients have been offered one or more infomercial marketing contracts, and a number of clients have received multiple letters of intent and multiple contract offers from production and infomercial marketing companies. A major successful infomercial will gross more than $100 million, and individual educational self-improvement infomercials have generated more than $500 million.

These companies offering contracts include: American Marketing Systems, Inc., American Telecast Corp., Blagman Media Intl. Inc. Cesari Response Television Inc., Daily Response Inc., Genesis Media Group Inc., Global Solutions Network, Inc., Great Scott Productions, Greenstone and Company, Guthy-Renker Corp., Home Shopping Network Direct International LTD., Infomercial Development Systems, Inc., International Marketing Concepts, Inc., Interwood Marketing Group, K-Tel Direct Media & Marketing Inc., Kent and Spiegel Direct Inc., Media Arts Inc., Midwest Center for Stress & Anxiety, Inc., National Media Corp., Nightingale Conant’s New World Media (NC-NWM), Quantum Television, QVC, SST Management Group, Talk America, Thane Intl. Inc., Tru Vantage, TV Media PTE Ltd., Twin Star Productions, and World Media TV.

Prior to founding his Arizona based company, MSI, Ltd., in 1984, Mr. Cooper was Founder and President of Goalizations, an organization working with individuals and organizations to determine goals and execute steps towards the realization of those goals. Goalizations also provided Marketing and Organization Development consultant services to local, state and national organizations.

Through Goalizations, Mr. Cooper secured thousands of hours of media interviews for consultants, speakers, and seminar leaders in television, cable, radio, magazine and newspaper in local, regional, national and international markets. He also negotiated the rights to use these interviews for educational purposes in seminars, lectures, infomercials and spots for marketing products and services. He established his clients as the first person of authority, knowledge and integrity in their field sought by media, and as the first person to be interviewed or quoted for newsworthy stories in their field.

Mr. Cooper provided Goalization training to the Small Business Administration, the Department of Economic Security State of Arizona, Rio Saldo Community College, Ramada Management Institute, Associated Grocers, John C. Lincoln Health Network, Dental Associates, Amar Infinity Foundation, 3HO Foundation, Community Learning Information Network Inc., and the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education.

Mr. Cooper’s Goalizations seminars and consulting services evolved from his personal learning experiences in the human potential movement. He is friend and Marketing Strategist for Alexander Everett, the father of the Human Potential Movement. From Alexander’s MIND DYNAMICS came forth leaders such as Randy Revell of Context, Werner Erhard of EST and Forum, Jim Quinn of Lifestream, John Hanley of Lifespring, Russ Bishop of Insights, Tom Wilhite of PSI Seminars, Stewart Emery of Actualizations, and many others.

The preceding human potential movement seminars have generated billions of dollars in seminar fees. Mr. Cooper was involved in marketing Alexander Everett’s Inward Bound, A Unique Opportunity for Spiritual Empowerment, and Love, Life and Light for many years. He has been involved in the human potential movement as student, teacher, consultant, and marketer for more than 30 years.

A Synopsis of Mr. Cooper’s extensive experience prior to founding MSI Ltd.

• As a marketing strategist for Charles J Givens, author/speaker/businessman and founder of the Charles J. Givens Foundation, Mr. Cooper conceptualized and coordinated a marketing program that took this client from $2 million to $100 million a year in income. One strategy alone, a minimal-cost inbound telemarketing program, produced more than $2 million a month in added revenue. Working with a literary agent, Mr. Cooper conceptualized a strategy for a client that resulted in an increase of best offer publisher advance against royalty from $25,000 to $250,000.

• Serving as in-house Director of Marketing and Strategic Planner for two of the founding infomercial marketing companies for the TV/Cable Direct Response Industry, Media Arts Inc. and Twin Star Productions, Inc., Mr. Cooper’s position was to review and evaluate more than 1,000 products a month, selecting those that would best take advantage of direct response marketing opportunities through TV/Cable/Radio, Card Decks, Direct Mail, E Mail, Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing, Network Marketing, Package Inserts, Print Media, Retail, Seminars, Video/Audio Cassette Marketing and Website/Internet Marketing.

Mr. Cooper also established a media buying department and negotiated media buying contracts with individual broadcast stations, broadcast networks, interconnects, individual cable systems, multiple system operators, national cable networks, regional cable networks and LPTV’s. He was responsible for splitting the first wideband satellite transponder to establish dual 24-hour infomercial satellite channels.

In addition to creating direct response media buying formulas for TV/Cable, Mr. Cooper introduced database management income from List Management/List Brokerage to the DRTV Industry. Working with TCI Direct (List Management, List Brokerage, Direct Marketing Consultation and Catalog Design) as an in-house Vice President of Business Development, Mr. Cooper established TCI as a dominant list management brokerage company in DRTV Industry by negotiating contracts with industry leaders such as Guthy-Renker Corporation.

• Mr. Cooper worked as in-house Vice President International, for Community Learning and Information Network Inc. (CLIN), a not-for-profit public-private partnership creating a community-linked learning and information system. CLIN empowers people through information technologies to create a nation of educated, informed, and involved citizens, thereby providing all people equal access to education, training, and information, a requirement for life-long learning, development of new skills, and an enhanced quality of life.

A CLIN Site provides: fast, direct Internet access, interactive video conferencing and distance learning, computer based instruction and information gathering, and remote sites linked to a community hub. For CLIN, Mr. Cooper conceptualized strategies for the expansion of CLIN into the international market. He initiated negotiations for potential site agreements with Scottish Enterprise, The Training and Employment Agency of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, Industrial Development Agency of Ireland (IDA), Eircom Ennis, Telecom Eireann, GTI Learning.Com, Global Trade Interactive Learning Ltd, Ireland Rural Development, Westmeath Community Development Limited, Information Age Education Telecom Eireann, and Sister Cities International.

Mr. Cooper’s current CLIN project is the designing of the top floor of the South Building of Glore Mill Follain Art Center at Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Ireland to be a CLIN site with 24 lines for computer based learning, teleconferencing and internet capabilities. As Education Communication consultant, Mr. Cooper designed CLIN site for “The Irish Cultural and Learning Center” at Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently in negotiations with Dick Neuheisel, Chairman of the Board of Sister Cities International, to utilize the capabilities of CLIN for the 1,200 U.S. Sister Cities network, with more than 2,000 foreign Sister Cities in 123 countries. Since Mr. Cooper resides in the Phoenix, AZ area, he is negotiation to create a CLIN hook up of the Ennis, Ireland Sister City Committee and Phoenix Sister City Committee.

• As the in-house Executive Vice President and General Manager for The Outdoor Channel (The Outdoor Network Inc.), Mr. Cooper established marketing strategies that increased their subscriber base from 2 million households to 21 million households. He saved $3 million in negotiated satellite transponder, playback, and uplink contracts, and established key relationships with direct satellite TV providers and 95 of the 100 top multiple system operators and their key executives, including Bob Magness, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Tele-Communications, Inc. He provided guidance for a $10 million fund raising proposal.

• Mr. Cooper was enlisted as Consultant to The Community Broadcasters Association, where he conceptualized and instituted effective fund raising for a per inquiry direct response marketing program for the association, and for LPTV stations. With Westcor Partners, Mr. Cooper worked as the in-house Marketing Strategist for Director of Marketing Westcor Partners where he conceptualized marketing strategies that have increased the income from $500 million to more than $1 billion a year in revenue.

• At request of founder of Sikh Dharma, Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Mr. Cooper performed as the in-house strategist for all Sikh Dharma product/service activities worldwide. This included the activities of (3HO) Healthy, Happy Holy Foundation, KRI, Kundalini Research Institute, Fund Development Foundation, Sikh Dharma Foundation, Ancient Healing Ways (Tools For Body, Mind & Spirit), and Herbal Gems (Complete Programs For Better Health).

Mr. Cooper conceptualized strategies to establish Sikh Dharma certified organic, animal free, vegan, hypoallergenic food and body products as the reference point in quality, purity, consistency, effectiveness and value for their category. Ancient Healing Formula Teas’ Yogi Tea, from the Yogi Tea Company, is number one in world sales of certified organic Ayurvedic herbal teas; Yogic Herbs is number one in the world in sales of certified organic herbs; Ayurvedic herbal formulas are number one in their field. In addition, Golden Temple Bakery is the largest producer of high fiber, certified organic herbal formula granolas in North America and the granolas are in almost every health food store bulk section. The five flavors of Golden Temple one pound packages are number one in one pound packaged granolas.

• As co-creator of global broadcast proposals that reached cumulative audiences of more than 1.5 billion people. For Director for EarthCast, a provider of individual and series global broadcasts of television programs, each of which relate to and support a major United Nations goal, Mr. Cooper negotiated global carriage contracts for the United Nations Women’s Conference in Beijing, China, and the United Nations Habitat for Humanity Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Each global broadcast reached more than 60 countries and 300 million people. The program from Istanbul resulted in more than 50,000 hits per day to the homepage at a time when Bill Gates was getting 100,000 hits per week to MSN.

• In the Market Research and Planning Division of Robert Brookson Design and Marketing Communication, Mr. Cooper identified opportunities and set the specific goals, priorities, and strategies required to realize those goals. He provided support in execution and monitoring of programs for American Express, Greyhound Corporation and the Small Business Administration.

• Mr. Cooper also works as a financial strategist to raise millions of dollars for profit/non-profit organizations, and co-creates financial proposals for authors/speakers to raise money for specific projects.

• He has written audio program scripts for clients and a script for Trauma Program starring Jack Klugman of Quincy.

• For John C. Lincoln Health Network he conceptualized and coordinated establishment of National Trauma Resource Center, National Trauma Conference, National Trauma Association and international competition for Trauma Art.

Board Memberships: Director EarthCast,1994 Director Air Miles Foundation, 1999 Director Karunga Technologies Corporation, 2002.

Advisory Boards: Ancient Healing Ways, 1995 Global Learning (Director Global Distribution), 2002 GTI Learning.Com, Global Trade Interactive Learning Ltd. (Invited to be Advisor) 2002.

General Background

Born: October 9th, 1939, Los Angeles, California

Education: B.A Economics (1961-UCLA). General Secondary Teaching Credential (1962-UCLA). Graduate work in business administration, economics, education, enology, finance, food technology, marketing, philosophy and psychology. UCB, UCD, UCLA

Married to Sally McKenna; four children (Chris, Erin, Mark and Greg), and two granddaughters (Claire and Morgan).

Homes: Scottsdale, Arizona (with Artist Studio attached to home), Glore Mill Follain Art Center, Kiltimagh, County Mayo, Ireland.

Military Service: United States Army Reserve, 1962-1968.

Travel: 51 states and 54 foreign countries.

Additional Work History

1961 :- Product evaluator and advisor to TRADER JOE’S, Pasadena, California.
Introduced chain to nut sales. They are now the largest retail seller of nuts in the world. He was their largest supplier of imported wines in the 1970’s.

1962 - 1969 :- California Secondary Teaching Credential.
Accomplishments: Assisted in design of educational programs and facilities for educationally handicapped. Taught at college level and all subjects in Junior and Senior High School.

1969 :- Salesman, PARAMOUNT IMPORTS, Culver City, California.
Accomplishments: Number one salesman in company in new accounts.

1970 :- Salesman, MONSIEUR HENRI WINES, Vernon, California.
Accomplishments: Number one salesman in California and United States in new accounts.

1970 - Present :-

Founder and President of THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF WINE.
Accomplishments: Published consumer wine guide, consultant to the wine industry, taught professional and consumer courses in sensory evaluation of wine and food, NPR program.

In the 1960’s Mr. Cooper did graduate work in Food Science at the University of California at Davis. As a result of this work, the significance of diet, food, nutrition, and lifestyle to health and sustainable life on the planet became very important to him. As a result of this experience, Mr. Cooper became founder and president of a non-profit education and research organization, the American Academy of Wine (AAW). The AAW became consultants to the University of California at Davis and also to educators, industry and consumers on how to best evaluate, purchase, prepare, serve, store, and consume wine and food. This was achieved through classes, conferences, lectures, publications, research, seminars, wine tasting programs, and effective use of media through radio, television and print.

As primary spokesperson for the AAW, Mr. Cooper learned how to use media to establish the AAW as the authority/expert in education and research for industry and consumers. As a result of repeat interviews by Mr. Cooper and staff on the National Public Radio station in the San Francisco Bay area, Mr. Cooper was asked to create a wine and food consumer information program series. As a result, “Your Wines Worth” was created with Mr. Cooper as host and moderator. With rebroadcasts, the program series aired for more than 5 years on NPR stations.

1971-1972 :- Vice President, Director of Operations, GOURMET WINES, Ltd., Los Angeles, California.

Assisted in formation and execution of all operating policies and procedures. Responsible for all purchases, inventory control, training and supervision of personnel.

Accomplishments: Negotiated the most favorable contracts in the industry with national and international suppliers. Established home operation as the standard for industry by which its restaurant category was judged. Opened five locations that were some of the most profitable in the industry.

1973-1974 :- Assistant Western Division Manager, MONSIEUR HENRI WINES.
Assisted in formation of all sales and marketing objectives for the 13 Western States. Responsible for achievement of all sales and marketing objectives for Western Division.

Accomplishments: A dramatic increase in market share and secured most important retail accounts – a single product became the number one selling imported wine in America.

1975 :- Operations Manager, MONSIEUR HENRI WINES, California.
Assisted in formation of all sales and marketing objectives. Directed all operational responsibilities for Monsieur Henri Wines, California and Western Division of Monsieur Henri Wines, Ltd.

Accomplishments: Achieved all operational responsibilities. Assisted in conversion from manual to IBM Business Systems.

1976-1979 :- General Manager, MONSIEUR HENRI WINES, CA, division of PepsiCo.
Totally responsible for determination and execution of all Sales and Financial objectives.

Accomplishments: A dramatic increase in market share and secured most important retail accounts – a single product became the number one selling imported wine in America.

1976-1979 :- Western Division Sales Manager, LEONARD KREUSCH, INC.,
Moonachie, NJ. Totally responsible for determination and achievement of all Sales and Marketing objectives for 13 Western States.

Accomplishments: Established retail and sales distribution network for the area and trained distributor sales force. Established key retail accounts in each market. Achieved sales quota for orders for year in 3 months.